Outreach Program

stlaurencelogoSt Laurence House Youth Services also provides outreach to young people at risk.

This program focuses on youth-at-risk age 16-25 from various social backgrounds and mixed ethnicity (including recent immigrants and indigenous youth) who all have a history of physical/sexual violence and/or drug abuse rendering them incapable of living in a family situation. The program addresses:

• Early Intervention to decrease anti- social behaviour, risk taking behaviour and youth crime;
• Support to keep young people in the education system.
• Increased accessibility to support for young people as case management is taken to them in their schools;
• Reaching young people who fall into the group of ‘hidden homelessness’ who may be sleeping on couches etc. and do not have awareness of support services available to them.

This is being achieved through increased partnerships amongst services and institutions within the community, to address homelessness to enable joint service delivery.

We work closely with our community, including schools, businesses and community groups. For example, we may negotiate with teachers and a school principal to take back a young person who has been expelled and then support that person in maintaining the changes agreed for them to return. Local businesses have been very supportive in providing our young people opportunities to gain work experience and paid work. We liaise closely with other youth services to ensure we partner effectively in providing young people with the best possible support.

A part-time position of Outreach worker is funded by private donations.