Residential Program


The St Laurence House medium to long term residential program is unique in south-east Sydney and widely recognized. It is based on the Trauma Informed Care model combined with a client focussed strengths based approach.

Client case plans are an integral part of our residential program. Continual amendments through the National Case Management Kit for Specialist Homeless Services Program, ensures effective and efficient support for our client group.

We have a team of trained youth workers who are funded by NSW Department of Family and Community Services. Our Executive Officer, who manages our service, is a specialist youth worker and counsellor and this position is funded through private donations.

We also network and partner widely with other homeless youth services to ensure best practice and a seamless experience for the young people we help. For instance, a young person entering a crisis service may be identified immediately as a potential future resident for St Laurence House. We work to identify service gaps with other youth services.

St Laurence House also participates in the SHIP to SHORE National Data Collection which helps the NSW Department of Family and Community Services get a better understanding of the extent of homelessness, the issues facing these youth, and the gaps in the service provision throughout Australia. In addition, this also allows us to effectively protect client details and to capture, maintain and transfer client data among services.

St Laurence House Youth Services will be pioneering a new framework within NSW which will enable us to direct greater resources to preventing young people from becoming homeless and reaching the ‘hidden homeless’ population of young people and helping them find their way.