Service Program

stlaurencelogoSt Laurence House Youth Services residential program provides care, support and long-term accommodation for homeless at-risk 14-18years olds in Sydney, and has done so continuously since 1978.

Our teenage clients come from a variety of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds and have to overcome personally devastating and complex issues – they are unable to live with their families, have suffered deprivation, domestic violence, neglect, sexual abuse and or mental health issues. Some are at risk of substance abuse and anti-social patterns of life. Many have failed to develop essential life skills.

St Laurence House provides these teenagers with individual case management and intensive support in a 24/7 staffed home environment in Kingsford. We are the only medium term accommodation service providing such intensive support to under 16s in the South East Sydney Region.

We step in to provide our clients with a stable home, rather than crisis care, and equip them with the personal, social, and living skills required to successfully live independently and eventually integrate into society.

Our client-centred approach helps them build trusting relationships, realise their potential, and plan and make decisions for their own future and independent living.
St Laurence House has helped hundreds of young people achieve their potential, despite traumatic pasts.